Beyoncé Scores FIVE Spots on BET’s Notarized: Top 100 Videos of 2011 

2. Beyoncé “Run the World (Girls)”

Girls most certainly run the world, and Beyoncé is their ringleader.

15. Beyoncé “Best Thing I Never Had”

Even as the woman who many would think has it all, Beyoncé took out a moment to drop a song about the one thing she’s missing.

22. Beyoncé “Party”

Beyoncé kept the momentum going strong with her cheerful ode to everyone’s Friday ritual.

41. Beyoncé “Countdown”

Beyoncé made sure New Year’s Eve in Times Square came extra early with the release of this high-energy single.

84. Beyoncé “Dance For You”

Beyoncé pays homage to the classic film noir genre in this black and white video that sees her seduce a detective with ultra-sexy moves.

99. Beyoncé “Love On Top”

Bey puts it down as she leads her all-male group of back-up singers and dancers in the visual for her up-tempo jam.

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